Shonaleigh’s Courses and Workshops

Storytelling is a magical art form, with many different styles and traditions.

Shonaleigh offers a variety of courses to introduce storytellers and story-lovers to the Drut’syla midrash. Alongside the tradition, Shonaleigh brings a wealth of experience, sharing tips and techniques from years of professional tale telling.

Many of these courses are taught alongside Dr Simon Heywood. Simon has a PHD in contemporary storytelling and is senior lecturer in creative writing at the University of Derby. He has toured nationally and internationally as a contemporary storyteller and is currently researching the Drut’syla tradition and developing an archive for future generations. He is also Shonaleigh’s husband!

Courses take place across the world.

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Word Dancing: Creative writing and Storytelling

With growing popularity of literary festivals and spoken word events, writers are often required to TELL their work. Similarly, storytellers often want to develop their tales in a written form. But to write and to tell are two very different art forms.

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Walking the Wild Woods

Walking the Wildwoods takes places over 3 years and is made up of 4 week-long residentials. There are also quests to complete, riddles to solve and exercises to be undertaken in between which form an intrinsic part of the training.

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Tellers, Tales and Tradition

The weekend form of Tellers Tales and Tradition was dreamt up by Deborah Barker and Shonaleigh to create opportunities for the Drut’syla to tell a tale in full and for storyteller and listeners to experience these tales told in a more traditional form.

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