Tellers, Tales and Tradition: Cloth of Hope and Sorrow, Unstone Grange, Derbyshire

Friday, August 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – Sunday, August 18, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
Unstone Grange
Crow Lane
Derbyshire S18 4AL
House of the West Wind

This is a unique opportunity to hear an ancient tale told over the course of a weekend by storyteller and tradition bearer Shonaleigh.

About this Event

The Weekend

You are invited to a unique, immersive weekend of storytelling for adults from the world-renowned tradition bearer and storyteller Shonaleigh. This is a rare chance to hear these ancient tales in the light and on the tongue, stories untold for two generations and barely spoken of for decades.

During the course of the weekend a tale will be told in stages, opening moments for discussion, questions and debate over the issues raised by these age old stories.

The Story

In a remote castle a Makhshef – a sorcerer and bringer of chaos – lived alone. But it had not always been so; once upon a time he had an imprisoned girl and a city to torment and all power and mayhem and evil was his. And then one day, he was tricked. The woman had taken the silver threads of the moon and sewed images into a blue cloth, taking everything embroidered to a place of safety. One by one, all who he threatened disappeared until finally she had embroidered herself into the cloth and he was all alone. In a rage, the Makhshef took the cloth and would have destroyed it had his eye not caught the half-finished likeness of himself, glinting in the moonlight. He could not destroy the cloth without destroying himself. So he remained alone, with nothing to do and nothing to torment.

One chill night he came upon a dove, frozen and still at the edge of the road. Out of curiosity and boredom, the Makshef picked it up, curious, and took it back to his empty palace.

“I am the Dove of Heaven,” said the bird. “You have saved me. What can I give you in return?”

The Makhshef felt something strange – his face was wet.

“What is this?” he asked.

“Tears,” replied the Dove.

“I want a soul,” whispered the Makhshef.

“You can only have a soul if you wander – 7 years in each direction. And you must find a woman who can stitch the cloth.”

This is the story of a demon is search for a soul and for only woman in the world who can finish stitching his image into the Cloth of Hope and Sorrow.

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