Tellers, Tales and Tradition: The Diamond Girl, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2019

Friday, June 7, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – Sunday, June 9, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Tuin Aan Zee
Buiksloterweg 9
1031 CC Amsterdam

Join teller and tradition bearer Shonaleigh for a unique, immersive weekend of storytelling to experience a living, unbroken oral tradition. The Druts’yla tradition has been passed down from grandmother to granddaughter by generations of Jewish women, but was almost lost after the uprooting of these communities in World War II.. Around 4000 tales are held within the mind and recalled on request, using the lost art of ‘stories within stories’. Shonaleigh might well be the last Druts’yla that holds these stories. Originally they were told in Dutch Jewish communities, telling them in Holland is in a way bringing them home. Starting at one point in the lattice of stories, the listeners will guide the journey through the interlinked tales, hearing stories possibly left untold for two generations. There will be time for discussion and exploration of both the tradition and the stories. You can learn more about Shonaleigh and the Drutsyla tradition on her website.

The Diamond Girl and the Goat-Horn Bee is all about the day that everything changes. A blessing has become a curse and that curse is the only way to survive. When her world is torn apart, Reisal has to watch as her family disappears and she herself becomes nothing more than a pawn of the powerful; Zekal Ben Yakov has to watch as his son sets out on a quest with only half a puzzle and a sack of questions. The only thing that can save them all is a firewolf, an icefish, a snow bear and a goat-horn bee.
The telling will be in English

Friday: 19.30 – 21.00, telling, including snacks
Saturday: 10.00, doors open; coffee & tea
10.30 – 16.30, telling including a lunch
17.30 dinner
19.30 – 21.30 telling goes on, extra guests are welcome, like your friends and family (tickets: 10,-)
Sunday:10.00, doors open, coffee & tea
10.30 – 14.00, telling, ending with a lunch

Telling is in ‘De Verhalenkamer’ or ‘Storytelling Room’ of storyteller Nancy Wiltink. A former office of the keeper of the lock that is now a place for small scale storytelling events. If the weather permits the garden of ‘Tuin aan Zee’ will be used for lunch and dinner. The place is near Central Station, more directions will be given when you book

The whole weekend, including meals is € 225,-
A maximum of 12 people is able to attend
Ten more people on saturday evening
If you book you will receive an invoice that has to be payed before the start of the event. Saturday evening tickets are sold at the door, reservations for Saturday evening are recommended