Tellers, Tales and Tradition: The Ruby Tree, Wellington, NZ 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – Sunday, March 3, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
on the Kapiti Coast
In the Belly of the Whale School of Storytelling
+64-21-112-1244 (SMS Text ONLY)

Now is your chance to immerse yourself in a unique cultural storytelling experience! Drawing from the ancient Jewish Drut’syla tradition, Shonaleigh will be telling tales that have been handed down through generations. As the only known Drut’syla, Shonaleigh is generously sharing her ancestral legacy before it is lost.
Come and be part of this cultural revival. Over the weekend, you will experience the unfolding of ancient wisdom while gaining an insight into how a culture passed on knowledge before the written word. More than a passive listening role, those present are encouraged to become part of the new unfolding of the tale. This style of interactive, spontaneous storytelling is unique and not to be missed!

From her vast repertoire, Shonaleigh has chosen ‘The Ruby Tree’ for this weekend. She will guide us on an intriguing journey through the wonder tale, where we, the listeners, play an intrinsic role in its unfolding. The Ruby Tree is one of a series of interlinked stories from ‘The Gem Cycle’. It is a story of lost generations, wrapped up in a wonder tale as a way of helping people to cope with any challenges that they face.

The Ruby Tree – A King and his Queen long for a child. There is only one way to fulfill this wish: the King must pluck a fruit from the strange and wonderful Ruby Tree, planted by Elijah himself and guarded by a shape-shifting witch. This haunting story has been preserved in Jewish tradition for centuries, carrying echoes of Rapunzel, Snow White, and the Twelve Brothers. Our tales may travel, but the themes within them cross cultures, and wherever they go, they speak to us of our longings and failings, the hopes of generations yet to be born, and the triumph of the human spirit.

This unique and interactive event will enable you to participate in the way that the storytelling experience was originally intended – by asking questions directly about the story and how it applies to you. This may result in the story taking a different path, as one part of the story is set aside in order to hear one of greater importance or need to the community. You may end up hearing a part of the tale that has not been shared for several generations. Shonaleigh’s repertoire of over 4000 stories contains stories within stories. Knowing all these stories and how they connect instinctively, Shonaleigh may start at one point in the lattice and end up who knows where…

One thing we do know is that we will be inspired, entertained and uplifted through this warm, relaxed, engaging and very special event.

Adult themes are likely to be encountered during this event, so it is limited to adults only.