Llangwm’s Literary Festival prepares to welcome Wander Women

The charming Cleddau village of Llangwm is running its annual litfest this August (10-12) with local and national writers, storytelling, art and travel writing workshops, a Spanish fiesta and a focus on women’s journeys – physical and spiritual. On the centenary of Women’s Suffrage in the UK, the feisty Pembrokeshire […]

BYU Radio: The Apple Seed, Princess in a Box by Shonaleigh

With the resurgence of the art of storytelling, BYUradio is filling a void by bringing renowned storytellers and stories to a national audience. The Apple Seed features the world’s best storytellers with tales that are funny, adventuresome, and thought-provoking, all hosted by Sam Payne. This episode, titled ‘Wily Women’ originally […]

BBC: Triple Trawler Tragedy

In the week of the 50th anniversary of Hull’s Triple Trawler Tragedy and Turning The Tide the BBC have this story:- In the space of less than a month at the start of 1968, 58 fishermen based in the English port of Hull lost their lives in three separate trawler […]

Eighth Chanukah Podcast

Bachir, King for a year: A story for the final night of Chanukah So the last night of Chanukah is here and this is a story called ‘Bachir, King for a year’ and I like it because it’s … again, when all seems lost … when it’s as if everything […]

Seventh Chanuka Podcast

Johannes and the plot of land: A story for the seventh night of Chanukah I always seem to start by saying “ooh, this is my favourite story!”. But when I was little it was one of my favourites. Because it seemed that it crossed the boundaries between what was magic, […]

Sixth Chanukah Podcast

Things Could Always Be Worse: a story for the sixth night of Chanukah So, I’m sure most of you already know this story. It goes with the podcast, but it’s a great story, and one that is usually told in our family, coming up to any major festival where present-giving […]

Fifth Chanukah Podcast

The Rose Bush and the Apple Tree: A story for the fifth night of Chanukah There was once a beautiful rose bush growing in the garden of a rich man. The blooms were stunning, rich and red and fragrant. People who walked in the gardens never failed to admire the […]

Fourth Chanukah Podcast

A Garment for the Moon: A story for the fourth night of Chanukah Now it’s known that at the beginning of the world there was some envy from the moon about how brightly the sun shone. But all that was long ago, and a story for another time. Today I […]

Third Chanukah Podcast

The King and the Merchant from Chelm: A story for the third night of Chanukah There was once a merchant from the city of Chelm. Now, everyone knows that when the Angel of Wisdom and Foolishness was flying over the world, she caught her foot on a high mountain and […]

Second Chanukah Podcast

Shallow Judgement: A story for the second night of Chanukah One day, a princess was out walking with her women, when she spied a crowd of people listening to a rabbi teaching and telling in the market square.  She wandered up to listen to what he had to say, sure […]

First Chanukah Podcast

In 2011, on the first night of Chanukah, I told the family the story of the first meeting between King Solomon and that Queen of Sheba. The hoopoe delivers the message to a stunned King Solomon that there is a land where they have never heard of him, and, even […]