Workshops for Adults
Workshops for writing and literature groups; focusing on plot development and use of language, and the differences between oral and written narrative.

Adult Learning and literacy:
Shonaleigh’s personal experience of overcoming dyslexia gives her a valuable insight into the issues faced by people for whom reading and/or writing are a challenge.

Management Consultancy:
Using stories as tools for lateral thinking, basic techniques for remembering and delivering pieces.

Community-based activities:
Shonaleigh has worked with social workers, library staff & speech therapists who are looking for a fresh way to present ideas and attract people to make use of their services.

Voice Preservation:
For teachers, actors, singers; anyone who relies on vocal communication can benefit from this workshop.

Workshops are ideally two days in length and based around technical information and participation.

Workshops for Schools

These workshops can cover a range of topics e.g. narrative, creative writing, oral history, myth and legend, the use of myth in modern text, and devising performance pieces from new or traditional material. Workshops are designed to fit in with the National Curriculum and one day is an appropriate duration for most school groups.


Lectures are 40 minutes to one hour in length with time afterwards for a “question and answer” or discussion session. A lecture is designed to condense the same type of information presented in workshops.


Performances can be designed around a theme; Shonaleigh gave a Halloween performance in October 2000, and a piece entitled The Other Sides of Love on February 14th 2002. Performances will provide a full evening of entertainment, usually two forty to forty-five minute sections with an interval.


Projects can be anything from an extension of the workshop format, to three or more days, through to residencies such as Shonaleigh’s recent appointment as Artist in Residence at Castle Morpeth for the Year of the Artist. Shonaleigh will usually undertake thirty projects in a year, mostly site-specific and tailored as appropriate to the subject and audience involved. Cost is negotiable dependent on location, duration and preparation.